Champs have fun!

Nika Entertainment is a company that creates fascinating game applications and related services. We develop cross-platform projects at the international level. Our hits, such as Magic Kitchen, Atlantis Adventure and Fairy Mix have attracted almost 50 million users worldwide.

One can enjoy Nika Entertainment games anytime and anywhere in the world, while we port our games to the most suitable places to play them. For mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, they are available from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon as well as on computers on the international and local social networks.

However, the main thing for us is that all Nika Entertainment projects are created with love and that they bring people joy. Developing games gives us unforgettable emotions and we want to share them. Each of our projects gives players a feeling of unlimited children’s happiness like from receiving a long-awaited Christmas gift.

Our principles

  • We create world-class products and services: each idea, approach and the product itself are carefully nurtured, like a child. In the meantime, we strive to make our products not only the best, but also the first!
  • Our talent will always be hungry: whatever we have reached - it won’t be enough.
  • Each team member understands collective hyper-responsibility while creating first-class products and providing the same level services.
  • Our people are the company’s greatest value, and it's not about their skills and special training only. We appreciate their way of thinking, honesty, loyalty and commitment to work.
  • We create our products and services with love, and then enjoy the results. At the same time, we always know the new summit to be conquered next.
  • We perform non-stop progress, and each employee’s professional growth guarantees improvement of our products and services as a whole.
  • Any creative approach of the team or its member to the task is priceless: we believe that this is only way to get ahead and to light the star of a new genre or style at the global market.
Our values

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DAU: 137K+

MAU: 495K+
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