03 Mar 2016

New addictive game by Nika Entertainment is available on Facebook!

Nika Entertainment announces the release of its new project – Kitty Mix Paradise – on Facebook! This game of the Match-3 genre is likely to catch the fancy of the…

FM-Amazone_small-en (1)
29 Feb 2016

Fairy Mix is on Amazon now!

In February 2016 Fairy Mix, one of the Nika Entertainment’s most brilliant hits, became available for Amazon Kindle users. The release became the first self-publishing experience on this platform for…

18 Feb 2016

Fairy Mix celebrates its first Birthday!

Nika Entertainment celebrates the first Birthday of one of its brightest hits – Fairy Mix! Exactly one year ago, in February, 2015, the project was released on Facebook to win…

04 Feb 2016

Fairy Mix celebrates 1 000 000 installs on Google Play

Fairy Mix, one of the Nika Entertainment hits, has won the hearts of more than 1,000,000 Android devices users. The players rate the App on Google Play very high –…

28 Jan 2016

Nika Entertainment will take part in GameDev Conference 2016

Nika Entertainment is going to one of the brightest events of the game industry in Ukraine – GameDev Conference 2016! There we’ll tell about mobile games development and some aspects…

25 Jan 2016

Facebook recommends a new game by Nika Entertainment

In January, Nika Entertainment received a pleasant surprise – Facebook has recommended our new project Dreamlike Mix to their users who hadn’t heard about the game before. The platform gives…

FB_small_01 (1)
19 Jan 2016

Facebook shared its creativity with Nika Entertainment

Facebook has ditinguished projects by Nika Entertainment numerous times, including them in its best practices guidelines and bestsellers’ lists. Now the platform decided to support our new game Kitty Mix…

14 Jan 2016

Dreamlike Mix has more than 1,000,000 fans!

Dreamlike Mix, an exciting game by Nika Entertainment, celebrates one more achievement: the project already has more than 1,000,000 fans from all over the world. The new title in the…

31 Dec 2015

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from Nika Entertainment!

This year was full of challenges and victories, amazing adventures and discoveries. Nika Entertainment has achieved much, for example all projects developed by our company in 2015 became bestsellers on…

25 Dec 2015

Fairy Mix is the choice of 2015 on VKontakte!

New Year is coming and Nika Entertainment has already started to receive congratulations and gifts! The most pleasant of them is recognition by our players and platforms on which our…

pre eng
23 Dec 2015

St. Nicholas Day: Nika Entertainment shares its love for children

We are very happy that we are able to give a little of love and festive mood to hundreds of children who need special care. Today we would like to…

18 Dec 2015

Nika Entertainment at DevGamm Minsk 2015: games plus business

On December 10-11 the much anticipated DevGamm conference took place in Minsk. Nika Entertainment appeared as a bronze sponsor of the conference. DevGamm is not an ordinary event in the…

09 Dec 2015

Charity campaign for St. Nicholas Day: with love for children

Nika Entertainment invites everyone to join the traditional charity event dedicated to Saint Nicholas Day! Every year on the eve of this joyful holiday we organize a fundraiser engaging our…

07 Dec 2015

Nika Entertainment will be at DevGamm 2015

December is a great time to take stock of the outgoing year and outline the future objectives. Moreover, this is also an opportunity to visit one of the most prominent…

04 Dec 2015

Fairy Mix is already released on the two largest Japanease platforms!

Fairy Mix, one of the brightest Nika Entertainment projects, went to win the hearts of the Japanease players. Its release already took place on the largest social networks of the…

30 Nov 2015

Nika Entertainment will start teaching in the Ukraine’s first game development laboratory

Nika Entertainment always shares its knowledge with pleasure and helps to develop projects that open young professionals new horizons in the gaming industry. Creation of the first Ukrainian GameDev laboratory…

27 Nov 2015

All Nika Entertainment games of 2015 are bestsellers on Facebook!

Nika Entertainment creates all its projects with great love and always seeks to give the users a lot of unforgettable emotions. It is no wonder, that the players respond to…

05 Nov 2015

A portal into the fairy worlds has opened in Nika Entertainment for a day

Here at Nika Entertainment we love to create games, but with no less pleasure we like to play them. Perhaps that is why our company celebrates Halloween with so much…

02 Nov 2015

Remarketing 2015: Nika entertainment shares its experience of promotion on the international market

At the end of October one of the largest marketing festivals – the 7th Annual “Remarketing 2015” took place in Ukraine. This year, about 500 visitors attended the event to…

21 Oct 2015

Nika Entertainment celebrates its second birthday: friendly and Irish

In October we celebrated the second Nika Entertainment birthday, and today we would like to share the brightest moments!. This time, the celebration proved both joyful and informative! We organized…

08 Oct 2015

New game by Nika Entertainment is in the Top Popular Games on Facebook

Just two weeks after its official release, Dreamlike Mix got into the Facebook Top Popular Games. The new project in the Match-3 genre by Nika Entertainment is very much enjoyed…

05 Oct 2015

Nika Entertainment celebrates its second anniversary today!

Today, Nika Entertainment celebrates its founding! Two years ago we were just a small startup, and now we have already grown up to become a game developer at the international…

dmperseyhng (1)
23 Sep 2015

Dreamlike Mix: favorite fairy tale characters come real in the new Nika Entertainment game!

Nika Entertainment is happy to announce the release of its new project – Dreamlike Mix! From now on the game is available on Facebook, and also on one of the…

04 Sep 2015

Magic Kitchen 2 conquers Japan!

Magic Kitchen is the game that won the hearts of more than 15 million people worldwide, and Nika Entertainment is happy to share the new achievement of the Magic Kitchen’s…

27 Aug 2015

Nika Entertainment at Get IT!: in the footsteps of adventures in Odessa

Nika Entertainment is back from the 5th game development conference – Get IT!, which was held this year in Odessa, and we are now ready to share our impressions of…

18 Aug 2015

Fairy Mix has won the hearts of more than 3,000,000 fans worldwide!

Fairy Mix, a fascinating Nika Entertainment hit, is gaining increasing popularity: it has more than 3,000,000 fans already! The game managed to conquer the USA, and the gamers of Europe,…

11 Aug 2015

Nika Entertainment goes to Get IT! to Odessa

Summer adventures of Nika Entertainment continue! On August 15 we will go to Odessa to a bright event of the Ukrainian gaming industry: the 5th Get IT! conference! It is…

10 Aug 2015

Fairy Mix is one of the most popular Puzzle games in the USA!

Fairy Mix, a hit by Nika Entertainment, became one of the most popular mobile games in the USA just one month after the release on mobile platforms. The project holds…

витя саммер мобилпревью
29 Jul 2015

Nika Entertainment at Summer Mobile Day: the refreshing mix of GameDev and marketing

Summer is not only the holiday season, but also a great time for communication and exchange of professional experience.This is how the organizers of the Summer Mobile Day conference considered…

08 Jul 2015

Magic Kitchen 2 rushed into Facebook

The sequel of Nika Entertainment’s hit Magic Kitchen, which won the hearts of more than 15 million players all over the world, is available on Facebook social network now. In…

аппстор англ пре
25 Jun 2015

Fairy Mix appears on App Store and Google Play

Nika Entertainment is happy to announce the highly anticipated release of its new match-3 hit Fairy Mix on App Store and Google Play! Now all the users of iOS and…

17 Jun 2015

Fairy Mix has already gathered more than 2,000,000 fans!

The fascinating Nika Entertainment hit Fairy Mix sets its next record: the game has more than 2,000,000 admirers already! The project went for the gold from the start. Just after…

10 Jun 2015

Nika Entertainment has become the single participant of CEO Gaming Summit Facebook 2015 from Ukraine

Nika Entertainment becomes a more recognizable player in the world GameDev market! Our CEO Maxim Slobodyanyuk appeared to be the only Ukrainian participant of the landmark gaming industry event –…

мк2 на вк и ок превью англ
09 Jun 2015

“Magic Kitchen 2” wins “VKontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”

Nika Entertainment is happy to announce the release of the sequel to “Magic Kitchen”, a hit that has won the hearts of more than 15 million players worldwide. In June…

05 Jun 2015

A good deed for the International Children’s Day: Nika Entertainment helps hundreds of Ukrainian kids

Nika Entertainment always helps those who need care, especially if it concerns children. The charity action held for the International Children’s Day is the fifth one in which our company…

03 Jun 2015

Mobile Beach Conference and video advertising: Nika Entertainment became a success example

In the end of May Mobile Beach Conference, the hottest event in the field of Internet marketing and mobile advertising in the CIS, took place in Odessa. MBC is not…

26 May 2015

Fairy Mix wins the heart of everyone on Odnoklassniki!

New Nika Entertainment hit Fairy Mix is now available for millions of players on the Odnoklassniki social network! Fans were waiting for the release of the popular game on the…

25 May 2015

Charity campaign by Nika Entertainment: let’s help children together!

On June 1, the whole world celebrates International Children’s Day. On this day, we lavish care and love upon our own children: go for a walk together, visit an amusement…

20 May 2015

Nika Entertainment has declared the winners of GAMIFICATION

On May 16, Nika Entertainment declared the winners of the competition for game designers – GAMIFICATION – who will soon be trained in the company! In total, nearly 40 works…

07 May 2015

May 16: rewarding the winners of the GAMIFICATION competition

The reception of works for GAMIFICATION, a competition for game designers in the match 3 genre, is finished now! About 40 participants from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus submitted their projects,…

30 Apr 2015

Nika Entertainment attended the Facebook Level Up Game Summit 2015

Our games’ success is attracting increasing attention to Nika Entertainment, and the biggest world platforms are inviting us to participate in significant GameDev market conferences. On April 28, our company’s…

21 Apr 2015

GAMIFICATION: deadline for the submission of works has been extended!

Nika Entertainment announces the extension of the terms to submit a work for GAMIFICATION, a competition for game designers! You can send your applications for participation by May 1, 2015….

17 Apr 2015

F8 through the eyes of a game developer: must-see

The main annual Facebook conference for developers, F8, was recently held in San Francisco. Maxim Slobodyanyuk, the company’s CEO, represented Nika Entertainment there. Having returned, Maxim decided to share his…

16 Apr 2015

Fairy Mix is a bestseller on Facebook

The new Nika Entertainment hit Fairy Mix entered the TOP 100 of the highest-grossing apps on Facebook! It’s not just about the games in match-3 genre. The largest social network…

08 Apr 2015

Fairy Mix players are thrilled about Nika Entertainment’s new hit!

Our new hit Fairy Mix leaves no one indifferent! From the date of the game launch, more than a million people worldwide installed it. And the captivation of the game…

04 Apr 2015

Connect and play! Happy Internet Day!

Today is April 4, or 4/4. According to one version, this date is perfect for celebrating Internet Day because each of us has faced “error: HTTP 404” at least once….

превью коллаж eng
02 Apr 2015

Nika Entertainment at the fair of vacancies: game characters meet the students

Nika Entertainment participated for the second time in the fair of vacancies at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics. This time, more than 2,000 participants attended the event: students and university…

30 Mar 2015

Nika Entertainment starts GAMIFICATION – a contest for the creators of the most popular games in the world

Nika Entertainment announced the start of GAMIFICATION, a competition for game designers in the most popular game genre – match-3. Match-3 projects are among the most popular in the world….

preveng (1)
26 Mar 2015

Fairy Mix won the hearts of 1.000,000 fans in just 20 days!

Less than a month has passed from the release, and the success of the new Nika Entertainment hit exceeds all expectations! More than 1.000,000 users from all over the world…

24 Mar 2015

Nika Entertainment opens the amazing world of GameDev for students

Nika Entertainment went to one of the best universities that prepare young IT specialists in Ukraine to search for the fresh talents capable of creating a new GameDev reality. Fair…

20 Mar 2015

Vkontakte is thrilled about “Fairy Mix” – it is in recommended games

This work week is finishing with wonderful news about the success of our new hit! Just today the biggest Europe social network “Vkontakte” has recommended all game fans to discover…

F8_prew eng
19 Mar 2015

Build better with Nika Entertainment: follow us at F8

On March 25 and 26, a global Facebook developers conference called “F8” will take place in San Francisco and Nika Entertainment will be there. Our CEO Maxim Slobodyanyuk and General…

11 Mar 2015

New Nika Entertainment hit Fairy Mix gains popularity on Facebook

After the stellar release on the social network VKontakte, the new Nika Entertainment hit Fairy Mix went on to conquer the world audience on Facebook. Just a few days after…

prev fb
05 Mar 2015

Best and the brightest: Nika Entertainment has become an expert of the Facebook conference

Nika Entertainment’s hits are gaining popularity on all the platforms that they are available and the company’s cases are included in guidances for developers as an example of the most…

27 Feb 2015

VKontakte welcomes Fairy Mix – the new hit of Nika Entertainment

Nika Entertainment is very glad to announce the launch of its new project called Fairy Mix on the social network VKontakte. Fairy Mix isn’t just another Match 3 game. It’s…

prewiew lviv office eng
25 Feb 2015

Nika Entertainment welcomes guests in the new office

Nika Entertainment is developing rapidly, our projects are gaining increasingly more popularity and conquering new platforms, and the team is growing right before our eyes. Our Lviv office in just…

24 Feb 2015

GameDev from scratch: Nika Entertainment teaches young programmers

Nika Entertainment constantly improves its knowledge and infects everyone around with a love for studying. We are very glad to share our experiences at GameDev conferences and at our corporate…

19 Feb 2015

St. Valentine’s day at Nika Entertainment: Love is in the air!

At Nika Entertainment, we are whole-heartedly in love with games. We love playing ourselves and creating exciting games for others. Love leads us through life and on the eve of…

17 Feb 2015

Nika Entertainment opened its second office in Kiev

Nika Entertainment is glad to announce the opening of an additional “home location” in Kiev. In February, the new office situated on the left bank of Dnieper flung its doors…

valentine for site preview
13 Feb 2015

Nika Entertainment sparks the hearts

Nika Entertainment’s heart belongs to those who love games! More than 40 million players all over the world return our affection. And it is no wonder because we make our…

11 Feb 2015

Google found Nika Entertainment in Lviv

The Nika Entertainment team had a great time in Lviv: we spoke at GameDev Conference 2015, we opened a new spacious office, and we walked around the amazing city. But…

09 Feb 2015

Nika Entertainment broke into Yahoo!

Nika Entertainment games continue capturing the imagination of millions of fans around the world. After its stunning success on Google Play, App Store, and social networks such as Facebook and…

05 Feb 2015

Nika Entertainment will report at Casual Connect

Nika Entertainment went for the world’s second largest GameDev conference, Casual Connect, to share its experience in starting a successful game startup. This is going to be our first appearance…

04 Feb 2015

GameDev Conference 2015: Nika Entertainment inspires game creators to start new projects

The Nika Entertainment team is back from one of the most famous gaming industry events in Ukraine, GameDev Conference 2015. This year, we have not just supported the conference by…

28 Jan 2015

Nika Entertainment at DevNight Dnepr: special effects and techno-style party

On January 24, Nika Entertainment attended DevNight Dnepr – a game conference devoted to technical art. This event caused such a stir that it was not even possible to accommodate…

22 Jan 2015

“Magic Kitchen” created a vegetable explosion in the Netherlands

The flagship project of Nika Entertainment company “Magic Kitchen” has become the most outstanding release on the most popular game portal of the Netherlands – “Hyves Games”. Its audience counts…

15 Jan 2015

Nika Entertainment to support GameDev Conference 2015

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for new adventures, meetings, ideas, and journeys to the most wonderful places in the world. On January 31, Nika Entertainment is…

превью англ
09 Jan 2015

Nika Entertainment sees off 2014: China town, jazz, and “Catparty”

After an unforgettable celebration of the company’s first anniversary, we decided to spend the New Year at Nika Entertainment a bit quieter and channel all of our unflagging energy toward…

31 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year, Nika Entertainment has made many wonderful discoveries, learned so much, and met many nice, talented people. This year brought it an infinite number of adventures and victories. Now…

26 Dec 2014

“Magic Kitchen” broke into Amazon

Now you can download Nika Entertainment’s hit “Magic Kitchen” from Amazon Appstore and set off on an exciting journey across remarkable and picturesque worlds together with Little Sorceress and her…

24 Dec 2014

Facebook paid a visit to Nika Entertainment

A representative of Facebook called the Kiev office of Nika Entertainment. Business Development Manager Igor Pashchenko came to get better acquainted with the company and discuss the possibilities of extending…

23 Dec 2014

A good deed for St. Nicholas Day

Nika Entertainment creates games with great love, cherishing every new project like a child. Love and care lead us through life as well. We try to share as much emotional…

16 Dec 2014

ARTIFICATION II gathered artists for the Mad Tea Party

On December, 14 Nika Entertainment company awarded the winners of ARTIFICATION II, one of the most creative contests on the modern art movement Game Art. The awarding ceremony took place…

27 Nov 2014

Nika Entertainment is seeking talent at the best universities in the world

For the second time Nika Entertainment took part in a job fair at one of the largest universities in Ukraine and one of the top 500 universities in the world….

27 Nov 2014

Charity Campaign from Nika Entertainment to Help Hundreds of Ukrainian Children

To celebrate the Saint Nicholas Day, Nika Entertainment will run a massive charity campaign in Ukraine. The purpose of the campaign is to help hundreds of mentally challenged, cancer-stricken and…

14 Nov 2014

DevGAMM: A Followup

The Minsk Renaissance Hotel hosted the DevGAMM Conference for game developers and publishers on 17th and 18th of October. Naturally, Nika Entertainment also went to Belarus! Tech Support Alexey Simonenko…

05 Nov 2014

Halloween at Nika Entertainment: Crazy Smart and Scary Beautiful

We at Nika Entertainment celebrated Halloween with our inherent love for transformation. As GameDev representatives, we took celebrating Halloween very seriously. Who knows games and entertainment better than us? In…

13 Oct 2014

Nika Entertainment’s First Birthday: A Celebration inside Our Games

For our first birthday we at Nika Entertainment created offline versions of the magical worlds and characters from our own games. On that day, October 5th, we invited guests to…

08 Oct 2014

Nika Entertainment celebrated its first birthday!

This year has been an exciting adventure of us. We started as a team of 40 and tripled our ranks to 120+, opened offices in Lviv and Kyiv and created…

04 Oct 2014

NODE’14: How it was

What’s good in fall? Apart from the colorful foliage that you can kick around during park strolls, absence of mosquitos and the Internet void of teenagers now working on their…

17 Sep 2014

NODE’14: Nika Entertainment to support the third conference on computer graphics

Nika Entertainment will be the Gold sponsor of NODE’14, a conference that will take place on September 27 in Kharkov. The event will be dedicated to computer graphics and will…

05 Sep 2014

Facebook delivers a report on creating a great social game, with Magic Kitchen inside

In June, Facebook used “Magic Kitchen” slides in its presentation to demonstrate new features of the platform. And now our project has appeared in the manual for the developers, as…

01 Sep 2014

Nika Entertainment at China Joy: East is a delicate matter

China Joy Digital Entertainment is the biggest digital exhibition in Asia. It was held in Shanghai from July 31 to August 3. The event was well-organized, and the Shanghai New…

28 Aug 2014

Cologne, the Magical City of the Game Dev: Impressions from GDC Europe and gamescom

Representatives from the Nika Entertainment team recently attended two large-scale events for game developers in the same week, Game Developers Conference Europe and gamescom, both of which were held in…

19 Aug 2014

The sorcery of Magic Kitchen: an avid gamer becomes a professional level designer

Nika Entertainment talks about magic that not only occurs in games but also in real life. All thanks to the magic art of game design. It gives us unforgettable experiences…

11 Aug 2014

Nika Entertainment gets on Fotostrana and Draugiem

Magic Kitchen opens new horizons: the Sorceress and Fluffyngton will speak Latvian on the Draugiem social network. There is no doubt that our characters and addictive puzzles will be appreciated…

08 Aug 2014

Amazon reveals “Atlantis Adventure”

The world’s largest online service for selling goods and services, where you can buy almost anything, has adopted a casual hit of Nika Entertainment. Now “Atlantis Adventure” is available for…

29 Jul 2014

Magic Kitchen broke into the App Store!

Today is the long-awaited day for many millions of fans of magic and puzzles. Magic Kitchen was released in the App Store, becoming available to all iPhone and iPad owners….

29 Jul 2014

Nika Entertainment opens a new office in Kiev

Nika Entertainment is driven by a constant wish for development. Our innovative projects embrace new platforms and countries. And our team is growing and needs a new space, not only…

21 Jul 2014

Nika Entertainment continues to succeed in Japan

Match-3 super hit Magic Kitchen conquers the users of every social network that it has been released on. After its dramatic increase in popularity on Facebook, the main characters –…

09 Jul 2014

Crystal Blitz gains popularity VKontakte!

The beta version of the novel Nika Entertainment project has been released in the new applications on VKontakte. “Crystal Blitz” is a match-3 and RPG crossover that makes a casual…

02 Jul 2014

Magic Kitchen unites people with Android

Starting today, Magic Kitchen from Nika Entertainment gives nothing but joy to the owners of Android devices worldwide. Our puzzles with vegetables are now available to thousands of new users…

25 Jun 2014

Facebook recommends: Magic Kitchen from Nika Entertainment

Recently, Magic Kitchen was featured in the presentation of the App Center from Facebook, as a demonstration of the platform’s new capabilities. During the week, our game was on the…

16 Jun 2014

Magic Kitchen is №1 free app on Google Play

Magic Kitchen continues its triumphant march – first place in the TOP free apps on Google Play! And on Odnoklassniki there are more than three million players. It is impossible…

02 Jun 2014

Birdzzle on Google Play

Nika Entertainment continues to capture the Google Play. “Birdzzzle” is now available on Android! Have you already finished “Atlantis Adventure” and “Magic Kitchen”? New adventures from our company are approaching.Let…

07 May 2014

Magic Kitchen is now on Google Play: download some magic to your mobile phone!

Nika Entertainment is happy to announce that our project has become cross-platform. Now, all Android users can solve interesting puzzles and help our charming Sorceress with her cat Fluffyngton in…

28 Apr 2014

Nika Entertainment conquers Japan with “Birdzzle”

Nika Entertainment is pleased to share its success in the international arena. Our bright project “Birdzzle” is conquering the Japanese gaming community! Today there are more than 90,000 installations on…

16 Apr 2014

Nika Entertainment presents a new project

The Nika Entertainment team is happy to present to you “Magic Kitchen” – our new “match 3” game. You will solve intriguing puzzles and take part in the exciting adventures…

10 Apr 2014

Atlantis Adventure goes global

We have launched the international version of our flagship project Atlantis Adventure. Our friends and puzzle fans are able to play together with millions of Russian-speaking Android users! Atlantis Adventure…

28 Mar 2014

Magic Kitchen launches on

Nika Entertainment proudly presents its new match-3 game. “Magic Kithcen” is the adventurous journey of adorable wizard through the picturesque lands with lots of levels. Be prepared to meet the…

21 Mar 2014

Total Artification by Nika Entertainment

Nika Entertainment is always into the communication with the artists, developers, gamers and people involved in the making of games. We had organized the ARTIFICATION event to broaden our connections…

11 Mar 2014

1 million players in 3 weeks. Atlantis Adventure

Atlantis Adventure  gains over 1 million players on Android within 3 weeks! According to App Annie, Atlantis Adventure holds #1 position into the Adroid games chart and #2 overall rank…

04 Mar 2014

Atlantis Adventure Android breakthrough

Atlantis Adventure exceeds expectations on Google Play. It was released in February and now the game had reached about 550K (550 000 downloads) on Android devices. Moreover, it holds fifth…

20 Feb 2014

Atlantis Adventure on Android!

Our flagship project Atlantis Adventure is available on Android OS (Google Play Market). Sensational match-3 game holds top positions on iOS, Facebook, Big Fish Games, Japan and Russian social networks….

14 Feb 2014

From Nika with love!

Nika Entertainment keeps creating and tuning its beloved games even on Valentine’s Day. We put our soul into everything we do. From the very idea to the implementation and tubing…

11 Feb 2014

Nika Entertainment at Winter Nights Conference

Winter Nights Mobile Games Conference #4 was held in St. Petersburg on February 7-8. Nika Entertainment officers visited one of the biggest gamedev [MHL1] events in Eastern Europe devoted to…

31 Jan 2014

Birdzzle – top trending game

Birdzzle, a bright puzzle game by Nika Entertainment grows straight to the top trending games on Vkontakte. Our birdies continue to win new players hearts in our rapidly growing community…

03 Jan 2014

Explore the lost city in Atlantis Adventure on Facebook

While there are enough puzzle games on Facebook to give gamers years of enjoyment, players looking for just one more have Social Quantum’s Atlantis Adventure as another option.

26 Dec 2013

Atlantis Adventure on iOS!

Apple and match-3 fans, we have great news! Atlantis Adventure is available for download in Apple Store. It is the first game for Nika Entertainment, which is now available on…

25 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing you brilliant and unforgettable emotions like the childish feeling of unwrapping an anticipated Christmas present!

17 Dec 2013

New office in Moscow

Nika Entertainment is happy to announce soon starting of a new office in Moscow. Building on our games success on the Russian market, Nika decides to find a new home…

07 Dec 2013

Nika Entertainment at GamesNightLugansk

Nika Entertainment at GamesNightLugansk: our art lead Oleg Akimov as a speaker! Nika Entertainment has become one of the organizers of the first Luhansk meeting in GamesNight format. Such event…

22 Nov 2013


Nika Entertainment is taking part in DevGAMM conference (previously Flash GAMM), devoted to mobile and online games. This event will take place on 7-8 December in Kiev. Nika is proud…