Nika Entertainment is an international company founded in Ukraine that has grown from a startup to a world class games developer in just a year. Our exciting projects of the Casual genre are loved by more than 60 million people worldwide. Every day the number of Nika Entertainment games’ fans is rapidly growing! The company’s fascinating hits are available on all major mobile and social networks all over the world.

Our Mission
We create entertaining projects with all our love. We bring joy to millions of people around the world every day, making their life more cheerful and fascinating!

Our Vision

  • We want world hits to be born here at Nika Entertainment, so our company’s employees are the best people!
  • Our team includes professionals with innovative thinking who are passionate and motivated toward the result where they invest all their potential and work!
  • We communicate openly, positively, and as equals, achieving the best results with fewer resources and doing it in a friendly and playful atmosphere.

How did Nika Entertainment achieve success so quickly and why do we always move forward following our mission?

Because we stick to our values!

  • Capable and ready to work productively in order to become the world leader;
  • Energetic and never complacent, always wanting to be the best and first.

Our goals are ambitious — we wish not just to make games; we want to create world class projects. Products that millions of people from all around the globe can play and forget about their problems and get pleasure from the bright colors and their small victories, saying “Wow! This is the best game I have ever played so far!”. We want to create such products that people would be willing to pay to feel the pleasure of playing. Thereby, we will improve our financials, become one of the leaders of the world market, and thus improve our life quality both in the financial and moral aspects by gaining international recognition and realizing our potential as professionals.

This cannot be achieved without hard work, persistence in achieving goals, and having a strong desire never to rest on our laurels.

  • Experienced professionals who never stop growing, we are constantly obtaining advanced knowledge in our and related fields;
  • We think creatively, looking for innovative solutions that lead the company to success.

We live in a time when you have to run just to stay in your same place. However, if you want to move forward at least a little bit, you need to run very fast, even faster than the others. The rate of change is now so high that it is important to constantly learn about new technologies in order to obtain new knowledge, and what is even better — to generate knowledge, create own innovations, and find creative solutions that will lead us to the goal.

  • Any problems and difficulties are a challenge for us, and in accepting it we take responsibility to find solutions that ensure the best result;
  • We are always actively searching for ways to minimize resources to reach results, thereby achieving maximum efficiency.

It’s important for us to not stop at what has already been achieved. We must always raise the bar of the goals and results of the quality requirements. To search for those 20% actions that bring 80% of the result. To be able to throw out the unwanted, without overtasking colleagues and ourselves, and saving the company’s resources. When facing difficulties or failures, it’s essential to not fall back but rather look for ways to realize the plans, and persevere in overcoming obstacles. Best result orientation, persistence, and smart resource allocation — is a guarantee of the company’s profitableness that is followed by the dependable work of each employee.

  • We love what we do, which means our job is our hobby.
  • We enjoy the result and we get a charge out of the process.
  • We infect with our enthusiasm.

People spend most of their time at work. We work hard to achieve our goals. That’s why it is of great importance to know that your job is a congenial employment that brings satisfaction and a feeling of full potential realization. We create our games for the people and it is vital to make them feel that the products were made with love for their fun.

  • We build our working relationship equally
  • We are open
  • We solve our disputes positively, always with reason in our statements
  • We are ready to share our knowledge

The result of work often depends on the team’s common ground. We don’t dwell on problems but rather always look for a way to solve them. And it helps us to organize a meaningful dialog. We know that every one of us is unique and we respect each other.

  • We form a friendly team atmosphere
  • We find a place for humor in a daily routine
  • We make our contribution to enjoying the work, making it interesting and enthralling

It would be difficult to create fascinating and vivid games in a grumpy and tense environment. That’s why each of us makes his/her contribution to the formation of a friendly and positive atmosphere, adding humor, excitement, and elements of play to the working monotony. It makes our life more cheerful.