Honest publishing

Are you a cool developer who knows how to create an outstanding game in the Match-3 genre?

We know that you have had more than just one successful project. However, do you ever think that they could be even better and make much more money?

If yes, then you will like what we have to offer! As a games publisher we are ready to provide you with:


Guidance in the
Match-3 games genre


Up to
1,000,000 installs


Opportunity to influence
the marketing strategy

We create games ourselves and have experience with different publishers around the world, so we understand the needs of the developers like no one else!

We know the challenges that game companies face, and we know how to avoid wasting time and resources on expensiveand often unneededexperiments in marketing.

In 20142015, more than 50 million users have played Nika Entertainment games. The company’s projects in the Match-3 genre made it to the top charts of the largest social and mobile platforms, bringing in millions of dollars of income.

Nika Entertainment has achieved the utmost proficiency in marketing and gladly shares its knowledge. As a publisher, we work with companies that create high quality games for Facebook and mobile platforms, but lack either expertise or funding to make it work.

Our approach

Сommunity support and analytics are provided by the developer

The Developer

Nika Entertainment

  • We purchase targeted traffic and provide up to 1,000,000 installs.
  • We coordinate the market strategy and all stages of its implementation with the game creator.
  • We recoup the marketing and expenditures for servers and CDN.
  • We clearly share revenue with the developer.

Why are we advantageous?


There are dozens of millions of quality and already engaged users. We can carry out their retargeting at an average of 50% cheaper than it would be for a developer to do it by themselves.


We have great expertise in the Match-3 genre. Hundreds of conducted AB tests have taught us to implement marketing campaigns in the right way from the first time.


We have an excellent track record of cooperating with platforms, so our products have higher chances of being featured!


We are focused on data driven, LTV based marketing instead of “bringing some traffic and forgetting about the game“ and removing the exclusive rights to publishing.


We do not hope only for organics, platform featuring, or bringing traffic from our projects; we guarantee marketing investments and purchase real users! The better a project converts, the more money we invest in it.


Our team is ready to give legal counseling from the best specialists about the issues concerning publishing and promoting games.


We offer not the greatest quantity but rather the best quality, and we always fulfill our obligations!