Software Development Solutions

Nika Entertainment offers full-cycle development services for web, mobile, desktop, and consoles. Our designers  and developers have the expertise you need to create a fully fledged, stable product of any complexity.

Digital marketing

Nika Entertainment provides an entire range of services in traffic management, analytics, monetization, and product promotion on mobile and social platforms. Our goal is to make projects competitive on the market and profitable for the partners.
Nika Entertainment is an expert in marketing, offering its clients the latest and most innovative advertising solutions that help to connect products with the right target audiences thereby maximizing efficiency.

Our team has over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and building successful brands. Having access to the latest information on the market and quality analytics, we strive for new ways to push back the boundaries of creativity and innovation. That very mixture of skills, latest technology, fresh ideas, and premium media contribute to the highest impact and revenue of advertising campaigns.