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Known issues

The game won’t load
1) Please refresh the page with Ctrl + F5.

2) Clear your Internet browser’s cache.
Here you can find how to clear cache in your browser.

Clearing cache in Google Chrome
In the browser bar enter “Settings”
Select the items and the period of time you want to clear
To clear your entire cache, select the beginning of time.
Click “Clear browsing data”.

Clearing cache in For Firefox 1.x and Up
Click “Edit” from the Firefox menubar
Click “Preferences…” from the “Edit” menu
Expand the “Advanced” menu by clicking the plus sign
Click “Cache”
Click the “Clear Cache” button

Clearing cache in Opera
Click “Edit” from the Opera menubar
Click “Preferences…” from the “File” menu
Click the “History and Cache menu”
Click “Cache”
Click ok to close the Preferences menu

Clearing cache in Apple Safari
From the Safari menu, select Reset Safari… .
From the menu, select the items you want to reset, and then click Reset.
As of Safari 5.1, Remove all website data covers both cookies and cache.

Clearing cache in Internet Explorer 4.x and Up
Click “Tools” from the Internet Explorer menubar
Click “Internet Options…”
Click the “General” Tab
Click the “Delete Files” button in the “Temporary Internet files” section If you still have a problem, repeat the steps above and restart the computer.

3) Please, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

4) Try to delete the game from your list of applications, and then return it back (you won’t lose your game progress).

5) Change your Internet browser. Please, try to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

6) Also, the game can be blocked by advertising blockers (such as Adblock), try to disable them.

7) Check your Internet connection by clicking on this link http://speedtest.net In case, the speed of your Internet connection is low, you need to contact your Internet provider in order to stabilize your Internet connection. Required connection speed is 512 kBps.

How to play

How can I start the game over from scratch?
You cannot start the game over from scratch. But note that you can play all the previous levels in any order. Just click the level plate and press “Play.” Please note that this will use one of your lives even if you have completed this level before.

How many levels are there?
There is no limit for levels in the game. We are always adding new levels to the game. Keep an eye on our fan pages for news and updates!

How does the Wheel of Fortune work?
You can spin the wheel for free once every day for a chance to win the Jackpot. The Wheel of Fortune selects prizes randomly.

What is a diary?
In the diary you can find interesting stories about how your hero discovered Atlantis.

What makes the button 2D?
Once you click the 2D button and start the level, you will see all crystals in 2D mode.

What is the bonus game?
The icon of the bonus game appears on the left side of the screen and becomes available after level 45. Completing all conditions of the bonus game and earning a certain number of points, you will get additional boosters.
The task of the bonus game is changing every day.
Win three days in succession, and get a double reward!

What bonuses do I get for daily visits of the game?
For daily visits of the game you can get the following bonuses:
1st day – booster Butterfly;
2nd day – booster God’s hand;
3rd day – booster Sky fire;
4th day – booster Shining bow;
5th day – booster Color bomb.
The bonus credits automatically when you enter the game for the first time in a day.

How can I complete a level?
To complete a level, you have to complete all of that level’s requirements, which you see when you press the Play button.

What is the location and how do I unlock a new location?
Location is a set of levels.
You can do this by using credits or by asking three friends. Click the locked location’s plate, and then click “Ask.” Send requests to your friends. After three friends respond positively to your request, the location will be unlocked.

How many points can I receive for each combination?
Сombination of 3 crystals: 60 points.
Сombination of 4 crystals: 120 points.
Сombination of 5 crystals: 200 points.
Combinations with special crystals: You get points for combination + 60 additional points for each additional crystal that was taken away in the explosion.
If you clear a blocked cell or remove cobwebs: 1,000 extra points.
If you remove the stone or tile: 20 points.
If filling the field, crystals automatically create combinations, for the 1st combination you will get 120 points for the 2nd – 180 points, for the third – 240 points.

What is a tournament?
A tournament is a set of levels that you can complete. If you complete all the levels, you get a set of boosters. You can take part in the tournament once a week.

I have earned the amount of points I need, but the level is still incomplete. Why?
Please note that on some levels you have to unblock all of the blocked cells in addition to gaining a certain number of points. These blocked cells have a light crystal background. To unblock them, you need to break a crystal in the cell. You can also do this by using a special crystal. So, if the level is still not completed, you probably did not unblock 1 or more of these cells.

Interaction with friends

How can I add friends to the game?
Above the list of players on the right side of the game there is the button “Add Friend”. Once you click it, you will see the list of your friends who you can invite to the game.

Why should I invite friends?
Friends are an integral and very important part of the game. Friends can send you extra lives and help you to discover new levels. You can thank them by sending one extra life.

How can I give a life to a friend?
You can do this by:
– clicking the heart icon next to your friend’s avatar in the friends’ list (which is on the right side of the screen);
– clicking “Thank You” in response to a friend’s help (once per day);
– replying to a friend’s request (sent via a message).

Boosters & Amulets

What are the different game modes?
Currently, there are five game modes:
Play for time:
This type of game implies that you need to complete the task in a limited amount of time;
Drop all runes:
In this mode, there are runes in some cells (square pictures). To successfully complete the level you need to drop all runes to the bottom row;
Clean off the field:
In this mode you need to clean the field from the painted cells;
Logic game:
In this game mode you need to completely clear the field from crystals;
Score game:
In this game you need to get a certain number of points for a limited number of moves;
Combination game:
In this game mode you need to collect a combination of certain crystals.

What kind of boosters do we have in the game?
There are 6 types of boosters that can be used directly in the game:
 Shining Bow: breaks any crystal on the field;
 Sky fire: turns any crystal in the crystal-bomb;
 God’s Hand: allows you to switch two crystals that don’t match;
 Sands of Time: cancels the last move;
 Tornado: clears three vertical rows of crystals, ice, stones and other obstacles.
 Star shower: breaks 6 random crystals on the field.

Also, there are 3 types of boosters that you can select before you start the level:
 Color Bomb: adds the super-crystal in the beginning of the level; blows crystals of the same color;
 Butterfly: adds random color butterfly on the field, and once you collect it with two crystals of the same color, it converts into butterflies that blow 3 crystals and adds extra points;
 Time Freeze: available only on levels with a timer, time slows down.
You can purchase boosters or get some in the form of bonus.

How can I buy boosters?
In order to buy boosters, please go to the store (icon in the form of a chest). Then, click the desired booster. Game will show you the possible options of purchase.

What kind of amulets do we have in the game?
There are seven types of amulets:
The Gift of the Gods: adds a color bomb in the beginning of each level (for 30 days);
Captain Nemo’s Amulet: adds 5 extra moves for levels with moves limit (30 days), available at level 30;
Amulet of Life: forever increases the maximum number of lives up to 8, available at level 11;
Amulet of Luck: gives one free wheel for Fortune’s wheel once a day;
Amulet of Hermes: restores life three times faster;
Fortune Amulet: gives you a chance to get up to 6 special crystals at any types of levels.